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Powerful Name & UsernameSearch Tool

Powerful Name & UsernameSearch Tool

Need to find out the truth about someone, but only have their username? Detectico’s name look up tool is on the case.

Enter the name you want to search for:

Got a Concern? Detectico’s
Reverse Name Lookup Can Help

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Someone messaged me on social media — and it’s suspicious

Put your worries to rest. Detectico can look up any social media username and find their true identity quickly.

I’m worried about scam

If your inbox is flooded with email frauds, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Detectico can double-check any email address to make sure they’re the real deal.

I found someone too good to be true on an app like Tinder and Bumble

Love hurts — especially when you fall for a scammer. Use Detectico’s username search to learn the truth about the person behind the profile.

I found a great deal from an unfamiliar online seller

Everyone loves to save money. But save yourself the hassle of being scammed. Use the name lookup service to find out the truth about sketchy resellers.

I want to reconnect with an old friend

You miss them. But it’s been so long, you have no idea where to find them. You’ve moved. So have they. Detectico can help you reconnect.

I’m worried about confidentiality

Don’t be. Detectico won’t reveal who’s behind the search. They won’t know you’ve even used the reverse username search tool.

It’s Easy to Use our Advanced Username Finder:

Username Lookup App Detectico

Enter the username you want to look up.

Username Lookup App Detectico

Press the “Search Username” button.

Username Lookup App Detectico

Let Detectico work its deep username search magic.

You’ll see all the details in your Username Reverse Search report right after you create your account.


Hear from real Detectico users

Aisha M.
I’ve met my fair share of creeps on Tinder and other sites. Now I use Detectico to make sure they aren’t married, weirdos… or something worse.
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Carlos R.
I keep getting scam emails from companies that look like Apple or Microsoft or Amazon or pretty much anything. I’m usually good at catching which ones are scams, but the bad guys are getting better with their email design and quality of writing. I now use Detectico to see what’s up with the email address writing me.
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Lena K.
OK, this thing is basically Google, but for names and numbers. So cool.
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Rajesh P.
I got Detectico for the thing that lets you find mobile number by name of person. I was pretty pleased to see that it does a username reverse search just as well.
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Sophie L.
I’m impressed with the reports that Detectico generates. They’re really detailed and you learn a lot. They also arrive pretty quickly…a lot faster than I expected considering some people say it could take an hour or longer depending on the complexity of the case.
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Kenji T.
Tried it. Didn’t get any results. Thought it was a waste but gave it another go. Found lots of information. I guess it depends on what kind of information is out there. I’m a happy user. Give it a try and you will be too.
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Omar S.
Met this girl online. We hit it off. She sent me some nudes lol. Asked me for the same. Luckily, my roommate saw what I was doing and told me that I might be the next victim of this scammer. I used Detectico to figure out what the real deal was. And yup, I was about to be a victim of blackmail. Yikes!
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Nora B.
I’ve always liked that you can find mobile number by name of person. And now with the username reverse search, Detectico is even more powerful.
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Zoe W.
Found something I wanted on Facebook Marketplace. The person reached out to me and everything seemed to be OK. I was about to send the money, but I decided to use Detectico first to see if it could find anything with its social media profile search tool. And it did. The person wasn’t who they said they are. I’m glad I didn’t lose my money to the scam artist.
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Jack H.
This is a crazy story. I moved from the US to Australia in the 12th grade and have been living there for the last 20 years. I had a dream about a girl I had a summer fling with and wanted to see what she was up to. But I couldn’t find her on social media. I thought maybe she was married. Came across Detectico and plugged in some info. Found out she was in Melbourne, just like me! And single! We reconnected!
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Mia C.
My daughter was being bullied on social media. But finding out who was doing the bullying wasn’t easy. The bully had no profile pic and I couldn’t see any of their posts. Detectico helped me find linked accounts. I was even able to see their real name and photo. Turns out it was a classmate. Unbelievable.
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Other Detectico Features:

Use Detectico to its full potential. Combine other powerful features with reverse username number lookup to get the best experience.

Everything You Need to Know about Detectico

How does Detectico’s social media profile search work?

Just type someone’s username into the search username field and Detectico gets to work right away. Our lookup name tool employs complex algorithms and advanced search technology to uncover who is behind the username. Our social media username finder gathers information from over 2,000 websites and collects all the account pages associated with that username. We gather info from all kinds of sites in all kinds of industries.

How long does it take to get the information?

Social media lookup by name data is often available instantly. In other cases, gathering all the correct information takes more time. While we aim to be fast, we strive for absolute accuracy. That means we won’t deliver information if we aren’t relatively confident that it’s the right information you’re looking for.

Is it free to search by username with Detectico?

We like to keep costs low. While we don’t offer a free trial, we do offer a low-price subscription. You can use it to test out Detectico and find out if the lookup name feature works. You can also use all the other features, including the phone number name finder. Remember, Detectico isn’t just a social media username finder. It includes a number of advanced features to help you discover the truth.

Can’t I just use a regular search engine instead of a reverse social media lookup service?

Google is great for finding out information, but when it comes to personal information related to social media lookup searches, it’s not the greatest. Neither is Bing or any of the other popular search engines. Detectico is made for finding out information about people. Whether you need a quick username lookup or you want to lookup a number by name, you won’t find a better service than Detectico.

Is each reverse username search confidential?

Absolutely. When you lookup name with Detectico, we won’t let the person know that you used our service to find out the truth about them. And when we generate our report, only you can see it. Not them. Not anyone else. Confidentiality is our top priority, so you’re in good hands.

What about username search free services?

If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. That’s true about social media username finder services that offer to find out all kinds of things for free. There’s a good chance that the service won’t actually uncover any real information. In fact, by using one of these free name lookup website options, you may inadvertently download something dangerous to your computer or phone. These no-cost social media username search tools may also end up providing you with incorrect information, and then hook you into paying for other services that you don’t want or need.

I suspect that the person behind the username doesn’t live in my country. Does this matter?

Nope! The social media username finder tool works around the world. If you’re located in the United States but the person you’re searching for happens to be in Australia, no worries. Detectico’s social media account lookup report will still provide you with all the information it found.

What else does Detectico do?

Detectico is more than just a social media username finder. It’s also a great phone number name finder. You can use the phone number name lookup tool to find out who’s behind a phone number. It works just like the username finder. You can even use Detectico to discover if you’ve got a pwned email (an email address that’s been compromised and is part of a data breach).