Truecaller vs Detectico

Truecaller vs Detectico: Best Truecaller Alternative 2024

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Tired of endless spam calls disrupting your day? You’re not alone. According to a recent Statista report, Americans receive 28 unwanted calls monthly. 

Enter the world of caller ID apps, where Truecaller alternative Detectico is making waves. But how does it stack up against the industry giant, Truecaller?In this in-depth comparison, we’ll uncover the pros, cons, and unique features of both, guiding you to make the best choice for a spam-free life. 

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What Is Truecaller?


Truecaller is more than just an app or a website; it’s a smart solution for today’s telecommunication challenges.

Picture this: an unknown number calls you, and with Truecaller, you can immediately identify who it is. Thanks to its reverse phone number search, it’s incredibly easy to find out the caller’s identity. This tool is particularly handy for filtering out unwanted spam calls.

How Does Truecaller Work?

At its core, Truecaller operates on a simple yet powerful principle. It aggregates contact details from various sources, allowing users to lookup phone numbers instantly. 

When you receive a call from an unknown number, Truecaller scans its vast database to give you the caller’s name and, if available, other relevant details. This feature ensures that your phone only rings for the people you want to connect with. 

Key Features of Truecaller


So, you’re curious about what makes Truecaller stand out? Let’s dive into its key features:

  • Lookup Phone Number: Just enter the number and get details like name and location.
  • Free Search: Truecaller offers a free search option. For more detailed information, you may need to upgrade to their premium service.
  • Community-based Database: You can read comments and feedback from others who have received calls from the same number.

Who Needs Truecaller?

  • Busy Professionals: With a packed schedule, Truecaller helps in screening calls, so you only focus on the important ones.
  • Online Shoppers: Lookup number from delivery agents easily, making your shopping experience hassle-free.
  • Parents and Guardians: It’s all about keeping your family safe. Knowing who’s calling can be a big relief.

Introducing The Best Truecaller Alternative

Discover Detectico, your new go-to in caller ID and phone tracking. While you might have read various True caller app reviews, Detectico stands out with its unique blend of precision and user-friendliness. 

What Is Detectico?


Detectico is an all-in-one platform that offers three key services: you can lookup number, track phone locations, and even check numbers and emails for data leaks. Since it’s a website, you can it access from any device. Super convenient! No need to worry about compatibility issues or installing apps; Detectico works seamlessly across all phones.

Detectico’s Approach to Phone Number Lookup 

Detectico is all about in-depth phone number lookups. It scans various records, providing you with detailed information about the number you’re curious about. What’s great about Detectico is its worldwide coverage. Its database is vast, so you’ll get accurate info on numbers from anywhere. 

And here’s the kicker: unlike many apps like Truecaller, Detectico offers all its features right from the start. There are no premium packages to buy – you get full access to all its advanced features as soon as you start your trial. 

Truecaller vs Detectico: Phone Number Lookup Features

Let’s compare Truecaller and Detectico, focusing on their Phone Number Lookup Features. Both apps offer unique approaches to identifying and managing unknown calls.

User Experience

When it comes to user experience, it’s a tale of two cities between Truecaller and Detectico. Over at Trustpilot and Sitejabber, Detectico shines with high ratings. Users seem to really appreciate its straightforward approach and reliability. 

Truecaller, though, gets a mixed bag in True caller app review sections. Some users are all about giving it 5 stars, loving its features. But, there’s a twist – others, especially after three months of use, find that some premium features, like automatic caller identification, don’t always play nice, especially for iOS users. It seems like Truecaller is more of a hit with Android fans.

User Interface Comparison

Speaking of user interfaces, both apps have their charms. Truecaller offers a nice interface that many users find appealing. Detectico, however, takes a slightly different route. It opts for a more minimalistic design. This simplicity makes it easier for users to navigate and use the app.

Phone Number Lookup Effectiveness and Accuracy 

When it comes to the effectiveness and accuracy, there’s an interesting difference between Truecaller and Detectico. In our tests with known numbers, Detectico consistently showed faster and more accurate results. It quickly zeroes in on the details you need, making it a reliable lookup number tool for identifying unknown callers.

While Truecaller also performs well, Detectico seems to have an edge in speed and precision.

List of 5 Best truecaller Alternatives 

Looking for a solid Truecaller alternative? We’ve got you covered. Here are five awesome options that mix reliability with ease of use.


detectico us

Detectico shines with speedy and accurate number lookups, making it a top pick. It’s user-friendly and effective, perfect for those who want quick results without any hassle.



USPhoneBook, straightforward and efficient, is ideal for quick reverse phone number search. It’s all about getting you the info fast and without any fuss.



NumLooker offers a smooth, easy experience. If you’re after a hassle-free service to identify unknown numbers, this is a great choice.



Zlookup stands out for being free yet efficient. If cost is a concern but you still want reliable results, give Zlookup a try.



For those who need more than just reverse phone number search, TruthFinder delves into detailed background checks. It’s perfect for deeper searches.

Which App Should You Choose?

Deciding between Truecaller and Detectico? Here’s the lowdown. Truecaller is a big name with solid features, great for those accustomed to its system. However, if you’re after a more minimalistic, easy-to-use interface with fast and accurate results, Detectico phone number tracker could be your new go-to. It offers comprehensive phone number lookups and tracking without the need for a premium package – everything’s available from the start.

So, think about what matters most to you. Is it a well-known brand or straightforward efficiency? Your choice depends on your personal preference and what you prioritize in a caller ID and phone number lookup service.


In wrapping up our Truecaller vs. Detectico comparison, it’s evident that Detectico might just edge forward as the best phone number identifier app for many users. Its streamlined, efficient approach, coupled with comprehensive features available from the get-go, makes it a standout choice. If simplicity, speed, and accuracy are your top priorities in a phone number lookup service, Detectico could be the ideal match for you.

So, could Detectico be the phone companion you’ve been looking for? Give it a try and see!