Trace a Burner Phone Number

How to Trace a Burner Phone Number in 3 Ways

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An average US citizen gets 28 calls from unknown numbers daily. Does it sound like a situation you’re in? If so, keep reading. Here, we explain how to trace a burner phone number and stop strangers from contacting you.

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What Is a Burner Number?

A burner number is a temporary phone number people get to avoid being tracked back. You can use one for a while and then easily get rid of it. 

How to tell if a phone number is a burner? That’s not an easy task. You can’t spot the difference between a burner number and regular number just by looking at one. It has the same number of digits, an area code and another usual things phone numbers have. 

Are Burner Numbers Traceable?

If you’re dealing with spam calls or texts, the last thing you care about is whether the number is real. You want to know who that mystery person is and what they want.

So, can a burner phone number be traced? Yes, and it’s not that hard. But there’s one thing you should know about: you can’t tell how someone got a fake number. 

Some might buy a secondary SIM legally with a real name registered. Others might use apps that don’t require any identifying info. Either way, it’s possible to track them down, but you’ll need to try several methods to get the full picture.

How to Find Out If Someone Has a Burner Phone?

The simple truth about tracing burner numbers goes like this: you need to do a bit of detective work. Now is the perfect time for it because there’s no need to ask someone for help. The Internet already has everything you need for a thorough investigation.

Here’s how to trace a burner phone number in 3 ways:

Make Use of Tracking Apps to Trace a Burner App Number

If you’re looking for the most effective way to trace a burner number, the right tracking app can do the trick. From our experience, Detectico is a perfect fit for that.

Detectico – The Best Burner Phone Number Lookup App

detectico reverse phone number

Detectico is a web-based reverse phone lookup number app and location tracker. It aggregates data from thousands of online and offline sources to help you find out who is behind the fake number. Its now database has millions of records.

How hard is it to track a burner number using Detectico? It’s super easy. 

Enter the number you want to trace into the search field on The app will then scan its database to find matching info. When your results are ready, Detectico will display a report. It includes:

  • Full name
  • Phone carrier
  • Country and city of residence
  • Spam score

And that’s not all. When Detectico finds the number’s owner, you can find active social media profiles by their name. That’s how you can tell if the person is using a burner number for Tinder, WhatsApp, or any other platform.

What do you do if the number you’re looking for is untraceable? This likely means the person you’re trying to trace uses a free fake number app or temporary SIM card. And Detectico can help you with that.

Pick the “Location by number” tool from Detectico’s features and enter that burner number into the search box. Detectico will then send a location-tracking message. When the recipient opens it, you’ll see their location on a map. 

Their exact real-time location might give you an idea of who’s behind that number. You can lookup address owner information and see who’s registered under it.

Online Tools And Databases


Reverse number lookup services are online databases of phone and landline numbers. You can use them to identify an unknown caller or texter for free or a small fee. Here’s how to trace a burner app number in 3 steps:

  1. Pick your reverse number lookup tool. Some popular ones are TrueCaller and Spokeo. Both offer a Basic and Premium plan with access to millions of public records.
  2. Create your account. 
  3. Enter the target phone number into the search panel. You’ll see the caller’s name, surname, and phone carrier. 

Note: These services work great for tracing phone numbers registered under a real name. If you’re dealing with a virtual phone number, try other methods.

Through The Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

If you can’t figure out how to trace a fake phone number on your own, you might need to go through a lengthy legal process. Contact your lawyer and provide any information you’ve managed to gather.

They will then request an internet service provider or a virtual number operator to send them a report with the account information associated with that number.


Situations a Burner Number Can Be Used For

This might sound controversial, but someone might get a burner number for Telegram or any other platform for one of two opposite reasons. They either might do so to commit fraudulent activities or protect their identity from online threats.

The first reason is quite obvious. Whoever contacts you, a scammer, stalker, or hacker, needs a burner phone to avoid getting caught. If that person is sneaky enough, it’s really hard to track them back. 

On the other hand, regular Internet users might need a burner phone number to join a platform that requires them to share that number. This could be a dating app, online marketplace, or even your good ol’ Linkedin.

Having such a number kills two birds with one stone: you can reach more people without giving away your real number, and you can stay safe from scammers. 


Are burner numbers traceable? Yes, but you need to do some trial and error to find out who’s contacting you. 

Detectiсo is just the perfect app for that. It doesn’t place any limits on search attempts and has location-tracking capabilities. Not only can it tell you who’s behind that burner number, but you can also find out where they exactly are. Check it out now!