How to Track A Stolen Phone Using Phone Number

How to Track A Stolen Phone Using Phone Number

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Phones are important devices that we need in our daily lives. Almost all tasks are related to this. We use it not only for entertainment, but also for work and to communicate with each other. However, many people are currently looking for how to track a stolen phone using phone number; why is that?

Almost 249 phones are stolen every day in London, and at an alarming rate, we must be careful with our own devices. However, can we actually retrieve lost phones? Fortunately, this remains possible.

In this article, we want to tell you how to track a stolen phone using phone number free with recommended software and methods that can be used to detect the lost phone’s location. See more in the explanation below.

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Is There a Way to Track Your Stolen Phone by Number?

We know that it must be stressful when your phone has gone. However, it’s not the end of everything. There are several ways to detect its location. Therefore, if you are wondering how to track a stolen phone using a phone number on Android, we have an answer.

How to Track a Stolen Phone Using Phone Number

There are many solutions if you want to know how to track a stolen iPhone using a phone number. Most of these methods are practical and easy to implement. We begin with the first.

Use Phone Tracking Apps

The first and most effective method of finding a lost phone is to use a spy app. As the name indicates, these apps were specifically developed for spying or monitoring. If you wish to know how to track a stolen phone using phone number online, ensure to only use reputable spy apps.

These apps will provide helpful features to track the phone’s location with great accuracy through the use of GPS. Some apps may require installation, but others can also be used as an online platform.

If you wish to find a tool that may help you find lost devices, we’d like to recommend Detectico.

How Detectico Can Help


If you’re wondering, “How do I find my device location by phone number?” Detectico is one of the best possible solutions for this problem. It is a web platform that allows the user to check the location of the device using a phone number.

The method is simple. To find the phone, you need to enter your number and send a message.

You may also send messages to the lost phone. It can be useful for improving the likelihood of finding a device. After placing your name and email, you can directly “talk” to the person who found it.

Additionally, you may offer nice rewards to further increase the chance. That is how to find my phone location by number.

Use Find My App

Find My App

Now, if you are asking, “How to find my device Android by phone number?” This method is not suitable for you. Find My is a feature presented onApple devices, including iPhones and iPads.

This feature allows users to find lost personal items, such as items with air tags or iPhones. Activating this feature beforehand will allow the location to be displayed simultaneously. If you are connected to someone else, you will be able to see their locations as well.

The Find My features may provide users with many useful things, including information regarding the device’s location and playing loud noises when you are nearby.

Important: Ensure you activate the My Find feature beforehand

The Find My feature can be accessed directly on an iPhone. Users are given the option to mark their devices as lost items. If you have lost your phone, open the iPhone settings and mark your device.

Follow the steps to activate this function. When the feature is indeed active, you will be notified if someone scans the AirTag with their devices.


What if the Device Is Lost Forever?

If you cannot get your phone back in any way, it would be best to erase it remotely from your account. So for those asking, “How do I locate my device by phone number?” However, some methods may not work as intended.

In this situation, deleting the phone might be the best choice to prevent any bad events in the future. The person who stoles in the phone may use any information inside for their own gain. Therefore, disconnecting one’s account from the phone can be a significant preventive approach.

Doing so removes all the information that is tied to that device, including payment information, contact, and messages. Be sure that you have tried all possible methods to get the phone back. If you are sure about this, there are some steps to remove the device from your account:

  • Go to Find My feature
  • Select your device
  • Scroll until you see the “Erase This Device” option
  • Then, choose Erase This

After trying all the possible methods to find my phone location by number online, this solution might not be comforting. But at least you can be safer in the future.

Use Find My Device

Find My Device4

If you want to find a way to find a lost phone by number on Android, you might find a lot of methods that have been around on the Internet. But by default, Android actually has a feature to trace the location of a lost device.

This feature is called Find My Device. It carries the same functionality as the feature that’s present on iPhones. It may help to locate your devices and delete your personal information remotely.

Pay Attention: This feature only works on Android 9.0 and above. Be sure to check your Android version first.

After activating this feature, you can find your device by doing these simple steps:

  • Open the Find My Device app
  • Select Sign In
  • See where your device is located on the display

Important: Additionally, you can also find your Android device at

Use IMEI Tracker


To track a stolen phone, you can also use an IMEI tracker. This tool checks the latest location of the device using GPS. This can be a powerful alternative for locating a phone in a desperate situation.

What you need to prepare is an Internet connection and a tool to track the location. The process is quick and easy.

Important: Make sure you check your phone’s IMEI first!

Yes, before you do anything else, you will first need to know about your phone’s IMEI. Unfortunately, the way to know the IMEI can only be done on your phone.

To check the IMEI, you will need to go to the phone app and call * # 06. Doing so opens a new window with the phone’s IMEI. You can write the IMEI on a note for safekeeping. If your phone has two SIM cards, you will need to write two IMEI numbers.

After that, you can visit one of the IMEI trackers on the Internet and put down your numbers to know its location. It’s that simple.


Is there an app to track a stolen or lost phone by number?

If you want to know how to find a stolen phone with an app, the answer you’re looking for is the spy or monitoring app. These apps are mostly available online. By putting your number, the tool will work to find the location of your device.

How can I track my stolen phone from another phone?

Now, if you want to know how to locate a stolen phone, you can use either an app, Find My features, or an IMEI tracker. Some methods may work better than others depending on the situation.

How fast can I get my phone’s location?

Using a phone tracker, you will get the result within minutes.

Can I track my stolen phone if the SIM card is removed?

If the SIM card is not around you can still track the phone using its IMEI number. Just make sure you have the IMEI number beforehand before you access the IMEI tracker.


Thus, it is important to track a stolen phone using phone numbers. While losing a phone is a serious problem, it can still be solved by using a location tracker. By tracking the location of the phone number, one may still have a chance to find a lost phone.

For those in need of a quick solution, Detectico might be the best bet. Before it is too late, use the tool to find your lost phone.