How to Trace Mobile Number in Nepal

How to Trace Mobile Number in Nepal

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Wonder how to track phone number location in Nepal? It’s no easy feat, given that there are more than 35 million registered mobile devices. While some GPS trackers may work after configuring a target phone, they don’t support the monitoring of multiple devices.

What’s more, in most cases, users don’t have physical access to the phone to install any software. So, what’s the plan if you can’t get hold of the device?

The good news is that we’ve found a go-to solution for you to locate any phone in Nepal using only its number. Are you intrigued? Let’s dive into it.

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Use Detectico – Mobile Number Tracker in Nepal

detectico nepal

Detectico is a top-notch online location tracker by mobile number that can find any phone in Nepal. This web-based app covers all major carriers, such as Nepal Telecom, Ncell, SmartCell, and more.

What’s great about Detectico is that you don’t need to install any software on the target device, meaning the model of the phone doesn’t matter.

How to Locate a Phone With Detectico?

If you’re eager to start tracking number Nepal, just follow these steps, and you’ll pinpoint their location in no time:

  1. Enter their number and a random text message. Please include the country code, such as +97.
  2. Detectico sends an SMS containing the hidden tracking link to their phone.
  3. Once they open the message, you’ll see their current location displayed on the map.

8 Reasons to Use Detectico

  • Web-Based Software. Use Detectico straight from your web browser without the need for installation.
  • Remote Access. You won’t have to even lay a finger on a target phone! Detectico pinpoints geo position remotely with just an Internet connection.
  • Cross-Platform Flexibility. The latest iPhone, a flagship Android, or an old flip-phone? There are no limits with Detectico! The phone number location finder works seamlessly on any operating system.
  • Endless Number Tracking. If you have a wide social circle, feel free to locate as many devices as you need from a single account.
  • Real-Time Geopositioning. Detectico pinpoints the exact geographic position and address of the target device in real time.
  • Budget-Friendly Plans. You can unlock the full potential of Detectico just for $0.89! Enjoy advanced location tracking without breaking the bank.
  • Worldwide Access. Detectico can help you locate the target device, regardless of whether it’s in Kathmandu or on the edge of the Amazon.
  • Total Anonymity. If you want to keep your activities private, Detectico has got you covered. You can keep an eye on them without them knowing.

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How to Track Phone Number Location in Nepal for Free

If you’re new to online monitoring technology, tracking number Nepal with some free methods is a good idea. Although they don’t offer all the features of paid services like Detectico, these apps below will give you a general idea of how everything works.

Find Devices for iPhones

find my iphone

If the device you’re looking for is signed into your Apple ID, you can use the “Find Devices” feature on to track number Nepal. The app works worldwide, so whether your loved ones are ie in Pokhara, Lumbini, or anywhere else, you can easily locate them.

To do so:

  1. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  2. Scroll down to the Devices list.
  3. Click on the device you want to find.
  4. Wait for the location pin to appear on the map.

Find My Device for Android Phones

Google’s Find My Device

If you’re sure their device runs Android, the Find My Device mobile number tracker in Nepal is a great way to locate it! Just like with the previous method, you’ll need to be signed in to the same Google Account on both your phone and their phone. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do:

  1. Open the link
  2. Enter your Google credentials.
  3. Click on the device you want to find.
  4. Wait for the location pin to appear on the map.

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How to track lost mobile phone location?

If you’re an iPhone user, go to the “Find Devices” service on From here, you can locate your smartphone and even lock it if needed. For Android users, visit the website and log in with your Google credentials. Select your device from the list to track number Nepal.

How to locate an unknown phone number in Nepal?

If you’re tired of receiving calls from unknown numbers, there is a solution. Copy the unknown number and visit the Detectico website. Paste the number into the search box and hit ‘Track.’ The service will display the caller’s location on a map in real time. Decetico covers all regions in Nepal, whether it’s Janakpur or Dhangadhi, you can quickly find them.

How can I trace the exact location of mobile number on a map?

If you’re looking for the best mobile number tracker with Google Map in Nepal, you might want to try built-in apps like Find My Device. Nonetheless, the developers caution that these apps may not be accurate.
For the best possible results, we recommend testing out the web-based app Detectico. The app can track any device with accuracy up to 10 meters, giving you real-time access to coordinates, address, and time.

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If you need to track a phone in Nepal, there’s no need to look any further than your own device. You may want to start with in-built apps like Find Devices for iOS or Find My Device for Androids. These solutions are simple and free to use.

However, for the best user experience and more advanced tracking features, give phone tracker by number Detectico a try. This web-based mobile number location tracker in Nepal can find any phone within two clicks, no matter where they are in the world!

You’ll receive detailed information on their current geo position, including coordinates and addresses. The service guarantees accuracy up to 10 meters – so act fast and get the best out of your tracking needs. Good luck!