How to Trace Phone Number in Philippines

How to Trace Phone Number in Philippines in 2024

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Do you want to monitor your kids’ online activities? Or maybe you want to find an answer to your spouse’s strange activity lately? No matter what the purpose is, you can always depend on the phone number tracker Philippines.

As the name implies, a phone tracker is mostly used to track somebody by using a phone number. In phone tracking, one can use either GPS or a phone number to detect someone’s actual location. There are numerous ways to do this, but let us go with the easier ones first.

So, how to track phone number in Philippines?

Well, similar to other countries in general, you have to use certain tools to do so:

  • In order to track somebody, you’ll always need phone tracker tools that come with tracking capabilities that are made possible through GPS technology or phone numbers.
  • Either of which will give you the ability to know someone’s location without the need to ask them directly.
  • However, some apps may work differently than others, so it’s always better to know what kind of app you’re about to install before actually using them.

If you wish to look for the track cell phone number Philippines free, we got several options for that. Without further ado, let us continue by knowing about the free methods first.

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How to Track a Samsung Phone With Find My Cell Phone

If you decide to use the phone number locator Philippines, then you have to put the country code beforehand, which is +63.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the Philippines actually. So, if you’re living in Davao City or even the capital, Manila, you still have to put the code before the actual phone numbers.

However, in this case, you won’t need any phone numbers. In fact, this feature is already available on most Samsung phones and in the Philippines, so all you have to do is to find and activate it.

Find My Phone is usually used to track lost phones. If you couldn’t find your phone nearby, this feature will let you know about its whereabouts. So if you want to know how to find phone number owner Philippines, then this feature is the answer.

  • You’ll need to access your account using any other device.
  • After logging in, you can change the passwords and even the patterns to make sure that your phone won’t be accessed by somebody else.
  • That way, while you’re trying to find your phone, it won’t be accessed easily by others.

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How to Track Other Android Phones with Google’s Find My Device

Google’s Find My Device

The next method on how to find someone’s location by cell phone number in the Philippines is by using Google’s very own Find My Device. This is the feature that’s usable on all Android-based devices. So no matter what the brand is, as long as it’s Android, this feature will be enabled by default.

Similar to the feature above, Find My Device by Google, which is accessible in the Philippines, will be useful when you lost track of your phone. However, aside from changing some things in it, you can also ring your phone from this very app. That way, you can notice your phone more easily and find it faster.

How to Track an iPhone Location for Free Via Find My Friends

Find My Friends

If you live in cities like Quezon City, or basically any location in the Philippines, then you can use the Find My Friends feature as an alternative to the cell phone number tracker Philippines.

This feature is available for most Apple-based devices and highly focuses on iPhones. With it, you can find your phone more easily while also tracking your friend’s locations in real time.

Find My Friends will show you the map where you can see your friends more easily. However, there’s a catch. So if you want to know how to track a person using mobile number in the Philippines, this is probably one of the best.

You and your friends have to enable this feature and be connected with each other. So, enable Share My Location first to share your location with your friends or family members.

If you already enabled both features, then you can track their locations in real-time using the map, which will display the Philippines. However, note that this feature won’t last forever. It has a certain duration that depends on how long you’ll share your location with a maximum of 1 day.

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How to Track Phone Number in Philippines Using Detectico

detectico ph

If you want to locate phone number Philippines, then Detectico is your best best. This is the app to use when you wish to know someone’s location by their number. Although the app itself is not very, it’s very affordable. What’s best about it is the fact that it can work on most networks in the Philippines, including Smart, Globe, or Sun Cellular.

With Detectico, you can easily get any information related to a particular phone number. With it, you may freely check who’s calling the number, the contacts, and all other details. The app works in a special way, which we will explain below. Learn more to know about this mobile number locator Philippines!

How to Track Phone Using Phone Number?

So, how to track phone using phone number?

Detectico works in a very simple way. Before actually getting into someone’s phone number, the first thing you need to do is to send them the link. The text message you’ll send contains a specific link to ask their permission for location tracking.

After the person accepts the request, you’ll have the ability to use this smart mobile number tracker Philippines at its fullest potential!

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So, which Philippine phone number tracker you’d like to try first?

As you can see, there are so many methods you can try to track someone’s location in the Philippines using a phone number. However, as our best recommendation, Detectico location tracker by phone number definitely worth a try since it has a high value to offer thanks to its functionalities and capabilities in tracking not only someone’s location but also the other details about the phone number.

Although there’s a small price to pay (which is almost free!), it’ll be worth it.