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In 2023, the Cyberbullying Research Center conducted a survey, which revealed that 26.5% of children
had experienced cyberbullying within the 30 days preceding the survey.

As parents or responsible adults, we often seek ways to ensure the online safety and well-being of ourselves and our kids. Read this article to learn about xResolver, an app that provides features like online gaming protection, website blocking, app monitoring, and even a phone number lookup. We’ll also look at xResolver alternatives and compare which app provides the best services.

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What is xResolver?

Gamers use xResolver, an IP resolver tool, to protect themselves when playing online. It tracks the IP
addresses of gamertags by scraping public data sources and querying Xbox Live servers and third-party

IP addresses are used for tracking down online gaming cheaters, preventing DDoS attacks, and protecting user information. Now that you understand what is xResolver, let us understand how it works.

How does xResolver work?

xResolver Phone Lookup

xResolver has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to look up any IP address within a
few clicks. As a user, you would simply add a gamertag or username belonging to any console or PC.
When you click search, xResolve will pass the gamertag through the public database.
If the IP address is traced within the database, it will go through further queries through the Xbox Live
servers to ensure accuracy and precision. xResolver can also resort to buying data using third-party APIs.

Once the IP address is located, it can be used to prevent DDoS attacks and blacklist users to protect
personal information.

You may be wondering, Is xResolver illegal to use? It is a controversial tool that can be used for both
good and dangerous purposes; however, it is not illegal to use it. There are over 20 million entries on the
tool as of now.

Key Features of xResolver

Apart from providing online gaming protection, the xResolver provides you with several other extremely
useful features mentioned below:

  • Its phone lookup feature can trace a device through the phone number in a matter of seconds.
  • It tracks the location of the device and provides further information, such as the country, carrier,
  • and line type.
  • The phone lookup uses several methods to gather data, such as public records, data brokers,
  • carrier lookups, and social media.
  • Other features include an IP logger, IP storage, Nmap port scan, website exploit scanner, IP/Domain Bruteforce, and more.

Who Needs xResolver?

Now that you are aware of how to use xResolver and what features it offers; let’s take a detailed look at
who can benefit from the tool:

  1. As parents, you can ensure your child’s online safety by monitoring the IP addresses of online
    gaming and social media platforms.
  2. As a regular mobile user, you may use XResolver to check your device’s IP address and related
    details for network troubleshooting.
  3. In the event of a lost device, the phone lookup feature can be used by anyone to trace the device’s
  4. Both smaller and larger e-commerce websites can obtain comprehensive insights into website
    traffic and marketing by utilizing the IP logger.
  5. Organizations can use different xResolver features to enhance their security apparatus.

Introducing The Best xResolver Alternative

xResolver is not the only application that provides the mobile security features mentioned above. If you
feel xResolver is not suitable for you, you can use an excellent alternative named “Detectico.” Given
below are the details of this network security solution.

What is Detectico?


Millions of people use the cutting-edge phone number lookup service Detectico worldwide. It’s a highly
effective and efficient tool that tracks the location and other important information about any mobile
device by simply using a phone number. Let us take a closer look at Detectico’s phone lookup feature.

Detectico’s Approach to Phone Lookup

X Resolver’s alternative app, Detectico, asks you to enter a valid mobile number along with a personal
message. Detectico will send that message to the number containing the text and a link. Once that link is
clicked by the user, you will get all the information you need about the mobile device.

xResolver vs Detectico Phone Lookup Feature Comparison

If I were to compare both features, both tools work on different principles. On the one hand, xResolver
uses public databases and third-party solutions to locate the IP address. While Detectico uses a shortened link approach for the same purpose. xResolver works on providing basic information, while Detectico works on the accuracy and precision of the device location. Overall, both tools are effective in their own ways.

User Experience

While xResolver has no reviews online, which is suspicious as it has over 20 million entries, Detectico
has received a mixed bag of online ratings. Some users complained about unfair charges and unnecessary purchase traps; others referred to it as a flawless tool and gave it 5 stars.

User Interface Comparison

Anyone can use the xResolver’s straightforward user interface without the need for technical expertise.
Detectico offers a more pleasant and welcoming interface with instructions and clear guidelines.

Effectiveness and Accuracy in Phone Lookup

Both tools claim to ensure great effectiveness and accuracy; however, having no online reviews and a
complicated method of phone lookup can undermine xResolver’s effectiveness and accuracy.
On the other hand, xResolver’s alternative, Detectico, is a tool used solely for phone lookups and has
online reviews that claim effectiveness and accuracy.

List of 6 Best xResolver Alternatives

If you are unsatisfied with xResolver’s effectiveness and precision, there are several other alternatives
available on the market. Here are the details:

1. Detectico


Detectico is a xResolver alternative that uses location tracking links to trace down any mobile
device anywhere in the world. It uses a text message feature and provides enhanced accuracy and

2. Numlookup


NumLookup is a phone intelligence app that provides reverse phone lookup services for phone

3. Anywho


Anywho has names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers and works as an online people

4. Truthfinder


A United States’ only tool that works as a people search tool containing name, phone number,
address, or email address.

5. Zlookup


A website that can be used to access people’s information, such as their phone number, address,
email, etc, for a fee.

6. Numlooker


A reverse phone lookup tool that can be used to trace mobile devices through phone numbers in
the USA.

Which App Should You Choose?

I would recommend you use number tracker Detectico due to its effectiveness, precision, and user-friendly interface. It
also provides worldwide services, unlike some of the other apps that are USA-only. In addition, users
have shown greater trust than other apps.


xResolver is predominantly a network security solution, mainly used for online gaming protection. It
also provides a phone lookup feature; however, xResolver’s alternative, Detectico, is a far better phone
lookup tool as it provides greater efficiency and worldwide services.