IPLogger vs. Detectico: Best IPLogger Alternative

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In today’s digital environment, where mobile security threats have increased at an alarmingly fast rate, keeping tabs on your personal and your kids’ online safety should be your paramount concern. Did you know that in 2023, an estimated 60% of children and 40% of adults were victims of cyberbullying?

What if there was a tool that allowed you to monitor your child’s online activity and ensure your smartphone’s security with just a few clicks? Yes, in this article, we will look at the phone number tracking and location tracking features of two prominent mobile security tools.

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What is an IPLogger?

An IPLogger is a URL-shortening tool with advanced analytical abilities. It converts long URLs into manageable, shareable links. However, it helps us collect information regarding any device through that shortened link. Using the IPLogger, we can track phone numbers and locations through user IP addresses.

Additionally, you can get detailed analytics about the traffic your links receive. With the IPLogger, you can look at who visits your live website. As a parent, you can monitor your child’s online activity through the IPLogger. Now that you are aware of an IPLogger, let us take a closer look at how it works.

How Does an IPLogger Work?


It shortens long URLs so they can be sent via email, social media, or text messages.

When a user clicks on the link, we can monitor the user’s activity on our websites, track their location, and learn about their mobile device. Apart from the location tracker link, the IPLogger allows us to collect analytics through invisible pixels and a unique geo-logger tool.

Key Features of the IPLogger

Now that we are aware of how an IPLogger works, let us have a deep insight into some of its key features:

  • The “create a location tracker link” feature allows you to find the exact location of any device with their permission.
  • By allowing the browser to pin your exact location, you can send your exact location to any device.
  • The IPLogger phone number tracker allows you to accurately track phone numbers worldwide.
  • The geolocation feature can send a link to any mobile number. When clicked upon, you receive their location in your email.
  • Other features include URL and image shortening, IP tracking, URL checking, and more.

Who Needs an IPLogger?

Now that you are aware of the features provided by the IPLogger let us dive into the reasons for using it:

  1. Using the location tracking link generator to trace the location of your device or your kids’ devices.
  2. Monitoring the content consumed and websites visited by your kids or yourself to ensure safety from cyber threats and attacks.
  3. Tracing the phone numbers of any device you need to know the location of in an emergency or casual use.
  4. Gathering basic visitor demographics on your websites.
  5. Tracking content sharing and URL shortening for social media/messaging.

Introducing The Best IPLogger Alternative

If you are unsatisfied with IPLogger’s IP tracker phone number and location tracing features, worry not; there are other tools on the market that provide similar features.

Without further ado, arguably the best alternative for IPLogger is “Detectico.” Given below are the details you need to know about detectico.

What is Detectico?


Detectico is purely mobile number location tracking software that is highly effective and extremely efficient. Using Detectico, you can know the exact location of any phone number all over the world.

Detectico’s Approach to Phone Number Location Tracking

To use Detectico, all you have to do is type in a valid phone number and write a personal message. Detectico will send the text to the number along with the generated location tracking link. As soon as the user opens the link, you will receive their exact location on your device.

IPLogger vs. Detectico: “Find Location by Phone Number” Feature Comparison

After using both tools, I have found them incredibly efficient and useful. If I were to compare their “track phone by number” feature, I would say that both provide premium service. The only difference between them is that Detectico asks you to write a personal message before sending the link to your desired number.

However, the major difference that I experienced was the amount of information the IPLogger provided through the link:

  1. Country and city
  2. Local date and time
  3. Screen size and video card type
  4. Operating system and browser
  5. IP address and hostname
  6. User and service provider

Although Detectico’s services are precise and efficient, they do not provide the detailed information that IPLogger.org does.

User Experience

Detectico has received mixed reviews from users; while some rated it 5 stars and hailed praise, others rated it 1 star with disappointed and harsh words. One of the major complaints by the customers was charging unfair amounts and trapping them into buying unnecessary services.

There were, however, some good reviews claiming Detectico as a lifesaver for parents to keep a tab on their teenage kids. Others deemed it flawless and a fantastic tool, rating it 5 stars.

List of 3 Best IPLogger Alternatives

Now that you are aware of what is IPLogger and what features it provides, let us take a look at some of its alternatives. These applications provide similar features and services that can be useful for you. Here is a list:

  1. Detectico

This application provides you with phone number tracking and location services worldwide. Simply write the number and a personal message, and the link will be generated and set to any device across the world, and as soon as the link opens, you will get their location.

  1. Find and Trace

A similar tool that shortens URLs but also uses IP addresses to track useful information and detailed analytics of the users who click on those links.

  1. Emobiletracker

This cloud-based IP tracker phone number tool allows you to track the location of your mobile devices using GPS technology. Moreover, it can also track a device’s history, which can be useful for parents to keep a check on their kids’ online activity.

Which App Should You Use?

Although the ultimate decision lies with your personal preference, I would recommend the IPLogger. Compared to the alternatives, I have found that the IPLogger provides detailed analytics, as mentioned above in the article, and has several other features apart from being a phone number tracer.


In today’s digital environment, we must keep track of our own and our kids’ online activities using simple and effective tools such as an IPLogger. Using its URL shortening feature, it gathers important information with the help of IP address tracking. There are other number tracking location apps available on the market that you can use for the same purpose.