NumLooker vs. Detectico

NumLooker vs. Detectico: Best NumLooker Alternative

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Statistics show that $19.7 billion was lost through phone scams in 2020. Fortunately, reverse phone lookup services offer a remarkably high level of accuracy, making them a reliable solution for anyone looking to discover the true identity of an unknown caller.

In this article, we’ll reveal a superb NumLooker alternative that will help you figure out anonymous callers.

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What Is NumLooker?


Numlooker refers to a free reverse phone lookup service that allows users to identify who’s calling using an unknown number. In the past, you might have received strange calls from unsaved numbers that left you wondering who exactly the caller was.

Using a solution such as NumLooker reveals whether the caller is a prospective client, a business associate or a notorious phone scammer.

How It Works

Similar to traditional phone directories, NumLooker provides accurate details regarding a phone number. Here’s a step-by-step process of how to use this solution:

  • Visit on your preferred PC browser.
  • Enter the unknown phone number on the blank field and click on “Search Now.”
  • Wait for NumLooker to retrieve data from its extensive database.
  • View the individual’s name, location, state, city, age and similar details.

NumLooker: Key Features

NumLooker reverse phone lookup feature allows users to confirm the identity of an unfamiliar caller with ease. Perhaps you want to ascertain whether your online acquaintance is telling the truth prior to meeting up with them in person. You might also want to unearth spam callers and block them immediately.

Once NumLooker provides the caller’s name, location, social media handles and similar information, you’ll have a better understanding of who they truly are.

Here are NumLooker’s key features:

  • Provides a reverse phone search and lookup service.
  • Allows users to confirm the caller’s identity.
  • Offers the owner’s social profiles, location and other personal details.

Who Needs NumLooker?

If you’re a business owner who gets frequent calls from potential customers, NumLooker could help you to know their names and locations. This solution also comes in handy if you’re looking to identify digital marketers and scam callers.

Let’s discuss some NumLooker pros and cons.


  • This service is quick and accurate.
  • Easy to operate.
  • NumLooker is free to use.


  • Although it’s free, NumLooker offers paid in-app services.
  • This solution is limited to the US.
  • Provides affiliate adverts.

What’s the Best NumLooker Alternative?

Detectico is a brilliant phone number geo-tracking tool that allows you to locate any type of phone regardless of its location or network carrier. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to search multiple unknown numbers swiftly and accurately.

Apart from being completely private, Detectico doesn’t require any installation on the target phone. This web-based platform works on all phone types, from old flip phones to more advanced devices.

What is Detectico?


You might be wondering: is Detectico a superior NumLooker alternative that can meet all my preferences? Apart from offering more precise phone location data, this solution can be used to detect an unlimited number of devices.

Detectico uses the latest GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of your target device. Based on both Detectico and NumLooker reviews, the former has better success rates when it comes to providing callers’ true identities.

Detectico’s Approach to Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Detectico is remarkably easy to use. In fact, you don’t need any technical background or coding skills to operate this service. Here’s how to track someone’s phone with Detectico:

  • Open your favorite web browser and visit
  • Type the number of the device you’d like to trace.
  • Include a personalized message containing the location detection link.
  • Click on “Send” to dispatch the message to the recipient.
  • Once they click on the attached link, Detectico will provide their real-time location on a map.

This solution not only maintains strict data privacy but also works on all phone types.

Numlooker vs. Detectico: Features Comparison

Despite having some similar features, there are several differences between Detectico and NumLooker reverse phone lookup solutions. Numlooker reveals the exact identity of your caller, allowing you to know who they are.

This app is best suited for situations where you receive regular calls from unknown numbers and want to determine who those individuals are.

Detectico, on the other hand, helps you search for an individual’s live location using their phone number. This service is frequently used by parents who wish to safeguard their loved ones’ well-being.

User Experience

On Trustpilot, Detectico has an overall rating of 3.5 stars, a score that most people consider to be good. This platform is also rated 4.33 stars on Sitejabber based on 6 reviews. Most users are either parents who wish to get regular updates on their children’s whereabouts or married adults looking to catch their cheating partners.

User Interface

If you compare the graphical user interface provided by both Detectico and, you’ll notice that the former solution has a better GUI that’s easier to operate.

NumLooker has a rather outdated interface that isn’t as intuitive as that of Detectico. In addition, the platform offers limited features since it doesn’t disclose the exact location of your target user.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup Feature Review

You may be wondering: how accurate are reverse phone lookup services? Although such tools don’t provide 100% accuracy, research suggests that about 60% to 80% of all numbers that are searched using these services are usually accurate.

However, reverse phone lookup services aren’t as effective as online geo-tracking tools such as Detectico if you’re interested in locating the exact coordinates of your target device.

List of 5 Best NumLooker Alternatives

Apart from, there are several other phone number lookup services that you can try. These alternatives come with their fair share of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to conduct ample research prior to utilizing them.

Here are several NumLooker alternatives you could opt for:

  1. Detectico

This is arguably the best substitute in the list. Apart from allowing you to search any phone’s location using its number, Detectico reveals its real-time location without requiring an installation. In addition, this solution permits users to search unlimited numbers at a small fee. It also has a better user interface when compared to NumLooker.

  1. TruthFinder

Since 2003, TruthFinder has been helping people across the globe to conduct general number searches and background checks. It provides the locations and names of almost 80% of all mobile numbers searched. This tool has access to more than 20 billion carrier directories and publicly available records, making it a good alternative.


This solution allows users to search the names and personal details of any caller using its cutting-edge phone number lookup technology. In addition to being 100% free to use, Zlookup pulls its data from several million phone records. Unfortunately, it has a poor user interface and numerous embedded ads.

  1. xResolver

xResolver is yet another free phone number lookup alternative that allows gamers to discover the identity of other players online. This service retrieves the location and IP address of any Xbox Gamertag, allowing you to know where other players are situated. Using this information, you can easily figure out who keeps on spawn-camping or harassing you.

  1. AnyWho

If you’re trying to unearth the identity of an unfamiliar caller or you’re simply verifying an address, AnyWho provides dedicated reverse phone number lookup services that are entirely free. This tool provides details of an individual based on their names, ZIP Code or address. However, it has limited search capabilities compared to its competitors.

Which App Should You Choose?

After carefully analyzing these apps, we would highly recommend phone number tracker Detectico as your go-to solution. It’s the safest and most effective platform for checking someone else’s location using their phone number. You can conveniently view which city, street and building they’re in by checking Detectico’s easy-to-read map. In addition to the exact location, you can also find out information about the person who called you. All other services merely disclose the target user’s identity but not their whereabouts.


A good NumLooker alternative should not only provide a user’s details but should also reveal where they’re located throughout the day. Such a solution can definitely come in handy if you’re trying to protect your loved ones or catch a cheater. We’ve found to be the best phone number tracking service in the market.