ZLOOKUP vs. Detectico

ZLOOKUP vs. Detectico: Best ZLOOKUP Alternative

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Reverse phone lookup services have garnered huge popularity across the globe thanks to their ability to disclose the identity of unknown callers. Although they don’t provide 100% precision, these solutions are often reliable, especially if we take into account the fact that scammers mostly call rather than write. ZLOOKUP phone lookup tool provides users vital details concerning an anonymous caller, including their name and address.

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The ZLOOKUP app is a web-based service that allows users to discover the real identity of unknown callers. It has access to millions of phone number databases that are available online. Anyone can perform a free name search using ZLOOKUP by typing in the target person’s number on the platform.

How Does ZLOOKUP Work?


This solution is fairly easy to use. Here’s a step-by-step guideline on how to perform a reverse phone lookup using ZLOOKUP:

  • Visit https://www.zlookup.com/ on your preferred PC browser.
  • Choose your country and type the unknown number on a blank field labeled “Enter Number.”
  • Check the captcha box and click on Name Lookup.
  • Wait for ZLOOKUP to retrieve the number from its extensive database.
  • View the anonymous caller’s name and personal details.

Key Features of ZLOOKUP

ZLOOKUP is popularly used to conduct phone number searches, making it a good option for people who receive strange calls regularly.

Here are three key features of ZLOOKUP:

  • It conducts free phone number searches.
  • Allows users to discover whether certain numbers are active or not.
  • Reveals the identity of spam callers and phone marketers.

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t disclose the caller’s live location or route history. It only helps you to understand who’s calling.

ZLOOKUP: Target Audience

If you frequently receive strange calls from anonymous people, then you can unearth their identity using ZLOOKUP reverse phone lookup service. Other reasons that may prompt you to use this tool include:

  • To get informed whenever a potential customer calls.
  • To check whether an old friend’s number still works.
  • To investigate if your online friend provided the correct phone number.

Find Out the Best ZLOOKUP Alternative

What if there was a better phone lookup solution that shows you the exact location of your loved ones in real time? Well, Detectico is a remarkable phone tracking app that reveals other people’s whereabouts using their phone number alone. It works discreetly to avoid raising suspicion, making it the perfect ZLOOKUP alternative.

How Detectico Works?


Detectico is a revered phone geo-tracking tool that helps users to locate any device using its number. It works on all phone models regardless of their location or network carrier. Delightfully, this app provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to operate.

The phone detection precision offered by Detectico is simply second to none. In addition, you can use it to search unlimited numbers with ease.

Detectico’s Approach to Reverse Phone Number Lookup

The process of locating another person’s phone using Detectico is pretty straightforward. Here are some detailed instructions on how this service works:

  • On your default browser, go to https://detectico.com/.
  • Enter the phone number of the device you’d like to track.
  • Choose a personal message containing the tracking link and click on Detect.
  • The text will be dispatched to your recipient.
  • Once they click on the tracking link, you will view their live location on a map.

In addition to the location, you will be able to see additional information about the person who called you (even if it is an anonymous call). Evidently, Detectico is more effective at obtaining your loved ones’ whereabouts than other reverse phone lookup services.

ZLOOKUP vs. Detectico Reverse Phone Lookup Features Comparison

If you compare ZLOOKUP phone number lookup service with Detectico app, you’ll realize that the former has very limited capabilities. ZLOOKUP is merely designed to help you identify who called you. Apart from viewing their names, you might also get their postal address and social media handles.

ZLOOKUP is best suited to individuals who’d like to recognize who exactly is calling. Detectico, on the other hand, helps you to locate another person’s location using their mobile number. It can be used to keep a watchful eye on loved ones or monitor employees.

User Experience

Detectico has a good rating of 3.4 stars on Trustpilot. Most customers describe it as a flawless app that allows them to keep tabs on their loved ones remotely.

On Sitejabber, Detectico boasts of an excellent score of 4.33 stars based on 6 reviews. Most people use this solution to get regular updates on their children’s location or catch a cheater.

User Interface

Based on a comprehensive Detectico and ZLOOKUP review, we found that both solutions have strikingly different user interfaces. ZLOOKUP utilizes an outdated GUI that’s bland and difficult to maneuver around.

Detectico, on the other hand, is designed using a more attractive interface that’s not only intuitive but also easy to use. You can’t go wrong with this app.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

The accuracy of reverse phone lookup services usually ranges between 60% and 80%. However, these solutions do not offer 100% precision. Although ZLOOKUP collects data from millions of databases worldwide, it may still fail to provide the results you desire.

Fortunately, Detectico offers a higher degree of data accuracy than other lookup services, making it a very effective tool for tracking users’ locations using their phone numbers alone.

Top 5 Best ZLOOKUP Alternatives

There are several ZLOOKUP reverse lookup substitutes you could opt for, some of which work more efficiently than this app. Let’s discuss the five best options in the market.

  1. Detectico

Detectico is the best and most reliable ZLOOKUP alternative in the market today. This solution doesn’t require any installation on the target device. In addition, it allows you to track people’s locations using their phone numbers. This app is very accurate and doesn’t limit you from detecting an unlimited number of devices. Finally, its user interface is more attractive and intuitive.

  1. TruthFinder

If you’re searching for a platform that supports quick background checks and phone number searches, TruthFinder might just tickle your fancy. Users can get the names of locations of nearly 80% of all searched numbers. This solution has been serving people globally since 2003, leveraging access to over 20 billion phone directories and related records.

  1. USPhoneBook

This free tool gives you access to user’s private details using their name, address or contact information. Unfortunately, it often provides inaccurate information that can be frustrating to customers. Once you try searching your loved one’s particulars on USPhoneBook, You’ll either get unreliable data or no results at all.

  1. Truecaller

This popular app is frequently used to confirm the ID of unknown callers. It also has a spam blocking feature that effectively detects spam calls and rejects them immediately. As a result, you’re protected from phone frauds, scams and telemarketing gimmicks. This app also has messaging functionality that lets you send and receive text messages. However, it’s loaded with numerous ads.

  1. AnyWho

AnyWho allows you to verify new addresses and uncover the true identity of unknown callers. Similar to ZLOOKUP, it provides free reverse lookup services based on millions of online number databases. You can obtain someone else’s personal details by typing in their names, address or ZIP Code. However, AnyWho offers limited features when compared to other lookup services.

What Is the Best Choice?

The phone lookup services discussed above have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks. After conducting numerous tests, we’ve found Detectico cell phone number tracker to be the best solution by far. Apart from revealing your target user’s precise location on a map, this app works on all phone models and network carriers. You can even perform multiple searches and acquire highly accurate details that will help you safeguard your loved ones.


ZLOOKUP reverse phone lookup service can be used to investigate the identity of an anonymous caller. However, that’s about all it can do. If you’d like to keep tabs on your partner or children, Detectico is undoubtedly the app to choose. It’s quite discreet and offers incredible value for money.