Can Someone Track Your Location With Your Phone Number

Can Someone Track Your Location With Your Phone Number?

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Many users receive a negative answer to the search query, “Can someone track your location with your phone number?” The reality is that tech companies’ promises to protect your personal data are often just a marketing tactic rather than a reliable guarantee.

For example, the New York Times conducted an extensive investigation called the Privacy Project, which obtained a file containing 50 billion location pins of 12 million Americans without their knowledge. Although the data wasn’t used to track individuals, it clearly indicates the ease of invading your private life.

To help you protect your personal data, we’ve researched the recent cybersecurity measures you can implement right now. This post covers the most effective strategies to make your location impossible to track.


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How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track: Top 6 Strategies

Simply toggling off location sharing on your quick menu won’t prevent malicious actors from tracking your phone. However, by implementing a set of measures, you can minimize the leakage of personal data. Here’s a list of strategies to make your Android phone impossible to track:

  • Uninstall unfamiliar apps
  • Avoid suspicious links
  • Turn off permission to track location
  • Use antivirus software
  • Install a private browser
  • Avoid unsecured public Wi-Fi
  • Opt for a secure VPN servuce

Check Your Phone For Unfamiliar Apps

So, how can someone track your phone? Just like software developers search for any bugs in their code to create functional algorithms, cybercriminals exploit system vulnerabilities to install tracking apps on your device.

However, unlike legal tracking software, malware operates invisibly on your smartphone, continuously sending GPS coordinates to the server. Therefore, it’s crucial to run an antivirus scanner to detect and remove dangerous applications from your device.

The main point is that no app can track your coordinates without prior installation. Claims about zero-installation location tracking by number are nothing more than scams that primarily target data other than GPS location, such as your bank credentials.

Currently, the sole over-the-air technology of location tracking by number involves clicking a tracking link sent to you via SMS or email. You can check the list of such apps in our series of articles on how to track a phone without them knowing.

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This is an obvious strategy on how to block my phone from being tracked, but don’t skip it just yet. Have you heard about the so-called native spamming? People who aim to obtain your GPS location will send you a message that looks like it’s from a friend or family member. The text might say something like, “Hey, I’m in the area and wanted to check out that new restaurant. Meet me there? [link]!

It’s hard to resist tapping on that bubble – after all, you want to hang out with your friend and go eat something new. But if you don’t recognize the sender, or think it looks suspicious, ignore it.

This rule is crucial, especially since some legal apps that use this technology are available for anyone to access, such as Detectico.

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Disable Location Tracking on Social Media Apps

Location Tracking on Social Media Apps

Mobile applications ask for numerous permissions before the final installation, and, unfortunately, we grant them all without double-checking. Can someone track your phone number on social media apps? The truth is that most, if not all, of them track the current GPS location of your device.

Of course, there’s nothing harmful about sharing your trips with family and friends. However, they’re not the only ones who observe your daily movements. For example, third-party companies buy your location data for marketing purposes. To prevent this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Privacy & Security section in your social media app of choice
  3. Disable the location tracking feature.

Use Private Browsers

Private Browsers

Let’s face it, popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox are convenient for finding any information. With GPS-based algorithms, they quickly provide you with relevant services and ads. However, it’s quite challenging, if not impossible, to disable the collection of your private data on these browsers.

To reduce excessive use of your location data and prevent its leakage, you can turn to private browsers that incorporate additional privacy and security features. Brave and DuckDuckGo are perfect examples since they don’t collect your IP address, locations, and cookies.



A reliable VPN service offers an excellent solution on how to block my phone from being tracked. Here’s how it works: once you connect your device to a VPN network, it encrypts and redirects your traffic through an intermediate server, hiding your IP address. This way, nobody can access your Internet activity.

When choosing a VPN service, its quality is the most crucial factor. If possible, opt for a paid service with strong encryption protocols. Free services aren’t as bad as they may seem, but they offer fewer options in terms of servers and often display ads.


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Signs Your Phone Is Being Tracked

Before installing an antivirus scanner, you may notice some changes in your phone’s activity. While they may be related to specific operational issues, tracking malware exhibits distinctive patterns you should know.

Can someone track my location by phone number? Here are a few signs that your phone is being tracked:

  • Your device’s battery life drops sharply
  • Operational memory overloads quickly, and you can’t fix it by closing apps
  • The phone heats up during random activities
  • Random glitches like blank or frozen screenMobils, apps crashing, or slower loading​​


How to stop someone from tracking your phone?

If you are being tracked by someone you know, for example, on social media or family apps, disable location tracking within the app itself and on your phone settings. If you’re concerned about an unknown person tracking your phone, run anti-malware software and reset your device for additional security.

Can a sim card be tracked?

Yes. Network providers store location data on their servers, which allows you to locate lost or stolen devices upon request.

Can someone track my phone if my location is off?

Even if you disable location sharing on your phone, certain apps can still track your whereabouts if you have granted them permission. Additionally, network providers obtain your GPS coordinates from a SIM card.

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Can someone track my location with my phone number? Yes, it is possible. Mobile network providers and big tech players utilize our location data for providing high-quality personalized services, and, in most cases, we benefit from it.

However, with so much data available in open access, potential cyber-attacks give valid reasons for privacy concerns. By implementing strategies covered in this article, you can prevent location tracking by number and keep your personal data safe.