Numlookup Vs Detectico

Numlookup Vs Detectico: The Best Numlookup Alternative

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According to DataPortal, there are 5.44 billion unique mobile phone users in the world. Many people receive unsolicited phone calls each day from numbers they don’t know, so they turn to sites like Here, we tell you about it and its alternatives.

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NumLookup at a Glance

NumLookup is a reverse phone lookup tool that works with any U.S. number. It is a free-to-use service that doesn’t require any sort of registration. The information provided includes the name of the owner, the location, and the carrier.

NumLookup and How It Works


People can use NumLookup by heading to the website and entering the U.S. phone number they wish to look up. It is also possible to search for numbers in other countries. Users simply enter the number to see a report about the information held.

What Are the Key Features?

With NumLookup, you can enter a phone number to discover information held about that number. The information you’re given does depend on what’s stored about it, so it could be that there is no name linked, which won’t help you. However, as the service is entirely free, you won’t have to waste any money finding out. There is also a monthly subscription option.

NumLookup also has other features. Besides looking up details held about a number, users can also search for people, reverse images, and check for plagiarism. It seems that this site is attempting to fill a few niche market needs. The user interface at NumLookup is user-friendly and straightforward. You won’t find it difficult to get around.

Who Are the Users Of NumLookup?

NumLookup is suitable for a range of people with different needs. It could be that you’re getting an annoying phone call from the same number or that you’ve lost all contact names and want to know who each number belongs to.

The Best NumLookup Alternative: What Could It Be?

While NumLookup does offer a free service, it’s a good idea to see if there are any alternative options out there. Here are some we’ve discovered in our research.

What Is Detectico?


One of the best — if not the best — alternative to NumLookup we’ve found is Detectico. This app and website allow users to check phone numbers for their owner, carrier details, and GPS location. The site is modern and fresh, too.

How Detectico Can Help With a Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Detecico’s approach to reverse phone lookup is similar to NumLookup, but there are key differences. When you load up Detectico, you’ll notice a modern interface and a box in which to enter the number you wish to track. After entering it, click ‘detect,’ and you’ll be given details about it.

It’s also possible to then choose to get the location and exact coordinates of the phone number in real-time by clicking ‘get location.’ This is a paid feature, but it is worth trying if you need to track someone down. Detectico will send a text message to the phone with a link to click on. This will then send you the location.

NumLookup vs. Detectico Features Comparison

The difference between both apps is clear. NumLookup simply tells you who called. Conversely, Detectico will tell you more information about the number, including where the phone is in real time. This is useful when you need to know the whereabouts of a loved one, for example.

  1. User Experience

Both Numlookup and Detectico have reviews on third-party websites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot. The reviews for both are similar and quite positive. Numlookup has more reviews and a higher average rating on Trustpilot.

  1. User Interface

There’s no doubt about it: Numlookup is old-fashioned in how it looks and functions. Yes, it does the job, but Detectico looks like it was designed in recent years and trumps other sites for its user interface.

  1. Reverse Phone Number Lookup Comparison

Both sites are effective at what they do with phone number lookup and the information from reviews seems to show that they’re both accurate, too. However, the additional feature of the location means that Detectico is the better service.

List of 5 Best NumLookup Alternatives

When reviewing sites and apps like these, it’s worth comparing alternatives. Here are 5 of the best alternatives to Numlookup to see what’s out there. We cover Detectico, USPhoneBook, Truecaller, XResolver, and AnyWho. Here’s what we found.



Detectico, in our opinion, is the best alternative to Numlookup out there. Not only do you still get all of the same features, but you also get additional ones like GPS location in real-time. What’s more, it’s just a nicer site to look at and use; it feels modern.



USPhoneBook is very similar to NumLookup in that it is 100% free and can be used to find the owner of a phone number. Users simply need to enter the 10-digit phone number and they can find out key details about the number, including additional contact details and the name and address of the person.



Truecaller is a caller ID and spam-blocking app for mobile phone users. You can download the app or use the website to find out the information you’re looking for. You will even find out information about numbers that are spam, allowing you to block them.


XResolver is slightly different in that it is used for finding out the IP addresses and location of players on Xbox Live. This is useful for people who are being harassed when playing games on the Xbox. You can even blacklist personal IP addresses to protect your privacy.


AnyWho is a website allowing users to find people, businesses, and places. It includes a reverse phone lookup tool like NumLookup. Users simply need to enter the number into the search box, and they’ll find out who it belongs to. You might also be able to find their registered address.

Which One to Choose?

From all the apps we’ve explored and researched, Detectico phone number tracker comes up time and time again on the top of lists. This is because it offers something unique: the ability to find out a phone number’s location in real-time. Yes, this is a paid-for extra, but we feel it has heaps of benefits to users.


In conclusion, there are lots of phone number tracker options available, and you can use them all until you find one you prefer. Personally, we preferred Detectico because it does what you need it to do simply but also has a modern feel and is user-friendly. Also, the GPS location feature is nice to have access to.