How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number UK

How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number UK

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In a world where more than 6.8 billion people own a mobile phone, virtual meet-ups have become more popular than ever before. Despite the copious benefits provided by these handy devices, some people utilize them for all the wrong reasons. Fortunately, you can locate a phone in the UK using a variety of methods.

Read on to learn how to track a mobile number in the UK.

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Track iPhone Location by Phone Number with Family Sharing

Family Sharing is a unique tracking solution provided by Apple. This service allows users to share their location with family members, either through iMessages or via the Find My app.

If you wish to use Family Sharing to track a UK phone number, you first need to turn on location sharing on the target Apple device. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Launch the Find My app on their iPhone and select the “People” tab
  • Click on your name from the list that appears at the screen’s bottom
  • Select your name again to view the menu
  • Tap the “Share My Location” option

Once this setting is activated, you’ll be able to find a mobile number in the UK by launching “Find My” on your iPhone and selecting the target iPhone’s name. If the device is online, its live coordinates will appear on a map.

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How to Track a Mobile Number Location via

Another way to trace a phone number in the UK free is by using iCloud, a cloud-based service that allows Apple users to locate their Mac, iPhone, iPad, AirPodsб and more.

To use this solution, you first have to ensure that “Find My” is already set up on the target device and that it’s online.

Here’s how to track a number’s location on

  • Visit and select “All Devices”
  • Choose the name of the device you’d like to locate
  • If the device is online, you’ll be able to view its live location on a map
  • If you can’t locate the device, you’ll see an “Offline” status just below its name
  • In this case, the iPhone’s last known location is usually provided for 24 hours. You can click on “Notify me when found” if you wish to get an email when they come back online.

How to Locate a Phone Using Its IMEI Number

Every phone is equipped with an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, which is simply a unique device code that helps distinguish one phone from another. Impressively, you can track a UK mobile number using IMEI Tracker.

This web-based solution allows users to get a phone’s precise location using its IMEI number. Here is a step-by-step guideline on how you can use IMEI GPS phone tracker UK:

  • Visit on your preferred browser
  • Type the IMEI code in the blank field and select your country.
  • Click on “Track IMEI”
  • Locate the target device on a map

Tracking a phone number in the UK using its IMEI number is that easy. You can find people in London, Birmingham, Leeds, and other cities within the United Kingdom at the simple click of a button.

Track and Trace a Number in the UK Using Detectico

detectico uk

Detectico is a powerful geo-tracking service that helps users locate any type of phone by its number alone. This solution works not only in the United Kingdom but also worldwide.

You can use this number tracker UK service on all network carriers such as Vodafone UK, EE, Three, O2, GiffGaff, and Sky Mobile. Remarkably, this service works on all phone models, including old devices.

Although Detectico is not free, it’s considered to be almost free owing to its delightfully affordable pricing. You just need to pay $0.89 for a day’s worth of tracking an unlimited number of phones. Regular subscribers are required to pay $49.80 per month, which is a relatively inexpensive rate.

How Does Detectico Work?

The best part of using Detectico when tracking mobile phone numbers in the UK is its discretion. You don’t need to install any spyware on the target device, meaning that they’ll never suspect that you’re tracking them.

Follow these guidelines to track a mobile number in the UK using Detectico:

  • Visit on your default browser
  • Click on “Log in” to sign into your account or create a free account
  • Enter the number you wish to find on the blank field and click “Locate.” Remember to change the country code to +44 if you reside in the United Kingdom
  • Choose a suitable message containing the tracking link or create a customized text and send it
  • Wait for your recipient to receive the message and tap the link
  • Start tracking their live location on a map

Detectico provides a plethora of benefits that simply can’t be overlooked. Apart from tracking phone numbers in the UK discreetly, this solution is inexpensive, and it works on all phone types regardless of the country or network carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I locate someone by their phone number UK?

It’s definitely possible to find someone’s location using their phone number alone if you’re using remote geo-tracking solutions such as Detectico. Such services don’t require you to install any app on the target device.

How can I track the real-time location of a mobile number?

Detectico provides accurate location details of any phone in real time. This service is quite user-friendly and affordable.

What is the best method to track a UK phone number?

If you wish to trace mobile numbers in the United Kingdom undetected, Detectico is your best bet. It provides worldwide coverage and doesn’t need any installation.

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Detectico is the best number tracker in the UK right now, so subscribe today to start locating an unlimited number of devices. This service works online by sending your target a location request and prompting them to click on a tracking link. It’s a simple solution that works, making phone number tracker Detectico the best way to track people in the United Kingdom.